Thursday, April 29, 2010


Of course I made this blog mainly to play miniatures games, but I decided that I could also use it to record other gaming (like board games) that I do. Honestly, I should probably log plays and even session reports on but I rarely actually do that for some odd reason.

So enough explaining the new plan...

Lets talk about some gaming! I found a simple game called The d6 Shooters on BBG a while ago, but never played it much. In the process of cleaning some stuff, I refound it and in a moment of boredom I figured that I play it a couple of times. Simply put The d6 Shooters is a modification of the classic game of yatzee where you roll a number of dice (8 in the case of this game) and have three chances to get the 'best' possible round.

The object of the game is to move an outlaw from one city (Pyrite) to a second (Reno) in 40 days (aka rounds). The key is that the dice are in two colors and three of them can be 'locked' if you roll either a 5 or 6 on the first roll (both those numbers are bad for you). It's a simple game, but quite entertaining! I played three games and the first two were dismal showings (funny that a made it to the city of Thompson and then killed by the outlaw's gang both times).

My third game went a lot better and I actually made it to Reno and won the game with 44 points. I can't tell you if that is a good score, but at least I won. If you have a couple of minutes to kill, 8d6 dice (in two colors), a pen and the score sheet (a single sheet of paper), I completely recommend it!

the d6 shooters

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Privateer Press - Leaderboard

As you might not know, I am a press ganger for Privateer Press (a volunteer that promotes their game and runs events). To that effect the last couple of weeks/months, my gaming time have been used to get things ready on that end.

The first was getting ready for a tournament at the local game store. One of the scenarios requires the use of flags for objectives. I quickly whipped up some (aka 18) for the game!

As you can see, I ran out of time for the actual flags and just had to use white paper with the Privateer Press faction symbols on them. The rest of the flag was quite simple. The base was coated in my 'basing material' (the road crews in my town use sand/dirt for the roads instead of salt. After the snow melts and the sand/dirt dries, I go and get a couple of scoops, sift out the bad stuff and volia - cheap rocks for bases) and spray painted black.

For most of my bases, I start with a basecoat of dark brown, followed by a dry brush of light brown and finally a dry brush of tan. Nothing fancy and it works. The only issue is that I have to do my 'basing' prior to the spray painting the model or it takes a bunch more time. I need to buy some pre-painted basing material for when I get the miniature done prior to the base.

The flag pole is a dowel rod cut to ~2 inch pieces, also sprayed in black primer followed by a brown and then a red/brown ink. All in all, they came out great and I really need to have more objective games so I can use them! :)

The next warmachine/Hordes project was for the Nightfall League. It started a couple of days after the tournament and most of my energy has been going into that (I mean, I'm playing my Trolls two or three times a week). The one thing that needed to be finished for the league was a ladder board. My local game store didn't have one so I took it upon myself to make one. Here is the end result...

The board started as a 2' x 2' one half inch oak board that I had Lowes cut into half. Then, I (and my dad) cut the 0.25 inch slits for the cards to fit into (the slits are 3.5 inches). Finally, I added a 0.5 inch square dowel rod to the top and sides so the board would sit out from the wall. The board was stained twice with a minwax and two miniature hooks were added to allow a piece of paper at the bottom (to show what league is currently going on). I think I am going to tweek a couple of things once the league is finished, but for now, it is a nice little piece that in currently hanging up at the game store.

How am I doing in the league, you ask. As of Friday, I was in second (tied with first in points), but I'm sure that I have fallen off since games were going to happen on Saturday.