Friday, November 28, 2008

The gaming area!

The first post is always the hardest or in my case, since this is a gaming blog, the start up is always the hardest. I have a lot of gaming stuff, but I never seem to play with it. I have countless miniatures, rulebooks and solo games that go unused since I don't ever 'feel' like playing. In late August, I decided to change that. I figured if I started a gaming blog that I would play more games so I would stay current.

The first mission was a place to actually game. Folding tables or dining room tables are nice, but the game needs to be cleaned up once the day is done or you get some angry family members. I have an unfinished basement that I was leary to do anything with since the more stuff you put into the area, the harder it will be to move all that stuff once the time and money for finishing the basement begins! Of course, all of my gaming stuff is actually down there, so why not add a bit more to the 'clutter' and start on my project! That in mind, I figured that I'd need some more lighting and a couple of gaming tables to get this off of the ground.

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